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Independent Actuaries, Inc. (IAI) will often present information related to upcoming changes in the law, general plan information, or other services we offer that our clients and their advisors may find useful. Each link includes a preview of the materials that were presented as well as an option to download them. If you have a topic that you are curious about and would like us to consider presenting, please contact us.

Cash Balance Plans- Understanding the Market so You Can Take Advantage of It: Cash Balance Plans are attractive because they share qualities of both Defined Benefit Plans (DB Plans) and Defined Contribution Plans (DC Plans, such as 401(k) or Profit Sharing Plans).

The Defined Benefit Plan Solution for Small Businesses:  Independent Actuaries, Inc. specializes in Defined Benefit (DB) plans and the majority of our clients are small businesses. We presented in depth information related to DB plans and how and when they work

Determining the Appropriate Retirement Plan Design: Steve Diess and Jason Douthit, served up information about what to look for and what retirement plan design might “taste” best.

New Retirement Benefit Obligation Impacting OR Public Employers: Steve Diess hosted an interactive session in which he discussed new developments in GASB 45 accounting

Utilizing a Defined Benefit Plan in Business Transitions: Karen Dunn presented information on several topics including how a Defined Benefit Plan can be utilized in the sale of a business in both an asset sale and a stock sale

Pension Valuations for the Family Law Practitioner: Steve Diess, Jason Douthit, and Alan Stonewall presented a symposium on Pension Valuations for Family Law Practitioners