10 Miles

It’s only a 10 mile difference. 25 minutes on I-217 with traffic. But the recent move from Beaverton, Oregon to Lake Oswego, Oregon was more than a change of location. It was a signature act of a company who is not afraid of change. Independent Actuaries, Inc. (IAI) has been located in Beaverton since, well, since before I started working there! You would think that an actuarial company, founded on ideals of putting pencil to paper and pounding out the numbers, might be resistant to change. But I have found IAI to be just the opposite. Not only is IAI always among the first to understand and incorporate legislative changes to our processes, we went paperless in 2012. For a company based on doing impeccable work which includes peer review, this is a big deal. Going paperless meant changing almost all of our procedures. Here is where you gasp! To an actuary, procedures are the hinge that makes the world turn around! But IAI did it, we went paperless, we moved our offices, we obtained desks that can be changed from sitting to standing, and we continue to research pension issues and stay at the forefront of changing legislation. And here I thought I chose a profession that was based on a love of pencil and paper. But we really don’t even need pencils anymore!

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