Independent Actuaries Blog Author: Alan Stonewall

No Cost of Living Increase for Social Security Retirees in 2016

There will be no cost of living increase for Social Security retirees in 2016.   For only the fourth time in the last 40 years, all four occurring since 2010, the formulaic calculation of the potential cost of living increase for … Continue reading

How to Take Full Advantage of a Cash Balance Plan Interest Crediting Rate

It is not intuitively obvious to potential participants that a 4% interest crediting rate in a cash balance plan today is an attractive retirement planning option. Only after the cash balance plan is considered as part of an overall retirement … Continue reading

401(k) Plan Benchmarking

Want to know how your 401(k) plan design and operation compare to industry norms? We track benchmarking surveys done by several different companies and organizations. Here is the link to a recent benchmarking survey: