Independent Actuaries Blog Author: Steve Diess

What’s the Right Retirement Plan?

At IAI, we take pride in avoiding the “one-size-fits-all” mentality that we see with other retirement plan consultants. When a prospective client comes to us looking to set up a new retirement plan, we have the experience and expertise to … Continue reading

Outliving Retirement Savings

Outliving your assets in retirement is a significant concern for most retirees. Here’s a good, basic article that discusses the problems associated with estimating your retirement savings needs based on your life expectancy. In the coming months, watch for a … Continue reading

Not Just Tax Deferral, Tax Avoidance

Here’s a tax-related retirement plan dynamic that often gets overlooked. When considering whether to set up a retirement plan, most business owners tend to focus on the economic impact of deferring income. However, there is a very real immediate tax … Continue reading