Consumer Financial Education: Advice from Experts on a Variety of Financial and Consumer Topics

When it comes to financial decisions such as when to start taking Social Security benefits, how to save and plan for retirement, or what types of insurance to carry, many of us have questions or wish we knew more on a particular subject. Even if there is an abundance of information or advice available (enter Google), it’s hard to know where to start or who to trust. Learning the basics can often go a long way in helping you understand the advice you are given, and if it’s right for your situation. One source of information you may want to consider is The Actuarial Foundation.

The Actuarial Foundation is a nonprofit organization that promotes math education and financial literacy through the actuarial profession. The foundation releases free publications on a range of financial topics including investing, retirement planning, and insurance. Also available for free on their website are educational materials to promote financial literacy for students.

Visit the Actuarial Foundation’s website.


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