Crossing Cultures – My Trip to India

A month without all the comforts of home certainly changed my perspective on all the privileges that I enjoy living in the United States. One of the biggest advantages that we have are our many career opportunities, as compared to the people I encountered in India who live in poverty, struggling to feed their families daily.

At first it was a bit difficult to get used to India and how different the country was. Once we started exploring the culture, people, and places, it definitely grew on me and I really enjoyed my trip.  My stay in India flew by very quickly and going back home was harder than I expected. Helping in the orphanage and forming relationships with the children made me very attached to them and I wish I could take them all home with me.

This amazing adventure that my husband and I embarked on sparked a drive in me to take advantage of all the benefits I have back home and to really use all the resources to their fullest. If it wasn’t for my flexible work schedule at IAI, I wouldn’t have had this life changing experience.  It produced a passion in me to learn and advance so that in the future I can help and support other countries that are in great need of nutrition, shelter and education.

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