IAI Celebrates a Quarter of a Century Helping Employers with Retirement Savings

A group of talented retirement actuaries and consultants worked for a small retirement consulting firm back in the 1980’s. The owner of that firm sold his business to a bank. By 1994, the actuaries and consultants who specialized in defined benefit (DB) plan administration realized they didn’t like working for the bank, and the bank wasn’t sure they wanted to be in the DB business. And Independent Actuaries, Inc. (IAI) was born!

IAI started with seven employees. Today there are 19 of us, including 14 credentialed actuaries and consultants. A couple of the current employees were part of the original seven. We are on our second generation of owners – all employees of the company. We are the largest independently owned actuarial firm in the Pacific Northwest, and have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of small business owners find the right retirement plan to meet their retirement savings goals. In addition, we have helped dozens of mid- and large-size clients navigate their DB plans through the storms of uncertain financial times. At IAI, we are proud of the work we do and proud of the working environment we have created for ourselves and our employees. Here’s to the next quarter of a century!

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