More Than Just a Season of Charitable Giving

One of our guiding principles at Independent Actuaries is to benefit the community around us. We apply this principle by supporting charitable giving and volunteerism in our community. Our charitable donation matching program encourages each of us to engage in personal charitable giving and allows all of us to have a say in how the company’s giving is allocated in our community. A few of the charities that have benefitted from this program are the Marion Polk Food Share, The Reser Family Fund, and the Lake Oswego School District Foundation. IAI encourages volunteerism by offering each employee eight hours annually to volunteer in the community. We volunteer at the Salem Cancer Institute, and Lake Oswego Jr. High Parent Club. Earlier this year, we hosted a well-attended seminar with all registration fees donated to St. Andrew Legal Clinic. Our donation from that event was over $1,100. Our recent move provided us with the opportunity to donate furniture and equipment that we no longer needed. Former IAI furniture now belongs to Columbia City, the St. Helens School District, and St. Mary’s Academy. Our guiding principles are more than just words on paper. They are part of who we are.

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