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Pension Trends Archive

Our Pension Trends newsletter is published to inform pension plan sponsors and other interested readers of issues affecting the retirement plan industry and defined benefit plans in particular. Recent past issues of Pension Trends can be viewed by selecting the desired issue below. If you would like to view an older issue back to 2010, please contact us.

2023 Newsletters

January 2023 – Too Much Rope

2020 Newsletters

October 2020 – You Can’t Choose Your Relatives – Related Employer Issues

February 2020 – Push it to the Limit- Optimizing your Qualified Retirement Plans in 2020

2019 Newsletters

Special White Paper Issue – Interest Credits and Cash Balance Plans

November 2019 – ERISA Section 404(c) Plans

August 2019 – Top 10 Failures in the IRS’ Voluntary Correction Program

April 2019 – What Flavor Should You Choose? – A Primer

February 2019 – Utilizing a Defined Benefit Plan in Business Transitions

2018 Newsletters

December 2018 – The Perfect Storm – A Decade Later

October 2018 – Floor Offset Arrangements

July 2018 – New Tax Law and Supercharged Deductions

May 2018 – Cash Balance Plans

January 2018 – Pension Plans & Fireworks