The Importance of Peer Review

Did you know that all of the reports produced at IAI are peer reviewed?

Here are some benefits of peer reviewed work:

  1. Acts in the interests of the client
  2. Continuous improvement in the quality of our products
  3. Products are completed with greater care and tend to be more user-friendly
  4. Promotes greater consistency of procedures and quality
  5. Risk/cost management
  6. Demonstrates compliance with the Code of Professional Conduct and with ASOP No. 41

At IAI we know our clients make significant business decisions based on our reports and they benefit from the additional scrutiny and second opinion brought by a peer review.

A positive peer review is not only in the best interest of our clients, providing confidence in the results, it promotes continuous improvement in our work, generating higher quality products and cultivating professional growth for our Actuaries through knowledge and experience.

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