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Nonqualified Plans

Independent Actuaries works closely with employers to develop and maintain nonqualified plans that conform to applicable laws while providing valuable tools for retaining and rewarding management and other highly compensated employees.

Our nonqualified services include:

  • Consulting/design services for new plans and amendments to existing plans
  • Drafting of plan documents, amendments and enrollment forms for review by legal counsel
  • Determination of top-hat plan eligibility/avoiding application of Title I of ERISA to your plan
  • Review of existing plan document language for compliance with IRC §§ 409A, 457(b), 457(f) and related regulations, as well as relevant ERISA provisions
  • Review of existing plan
  • Assistance and recommendations to correct documentation and operational failures

We take care of the technical aspects of the plan so you can focus on achieving the goals you have set out for the plan.

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