Data Inputs
  Data Inputs                  
Age at the beginning of the year
Beginning of Year Age =
This is the age you stop receiving income and start living off savings.

For more accurate results, your target retirement age should not exceed your Social Security Age.
The age you start claiming Social Security Benefits.

Social Security Benefits may only be claimed between ages 62 through 70.
  Income/Expense Inputs    
Expected Annual Salary before tax. [?]
Current Income (per year) =    $
This is your Total expenses for the year, to include housing, clothing, food, transportation, utilities, healthcare. This number should not include large one-time purchase items. [?]
Current Living Expenses =    $
Your personal savings will increase or decrease each year by the remainder of your salary after taxes, expenses and your retirement contribution has been taken out. [?]
Current Personal Savings =    $
A required minimum distribution will begin to be taken out of the retirement account at age 70.5. [?]
Current Retirement Savings =    $
Annual Retirement Plan Contribution, the contribution is a flat amount deposited into the retirement account each year. [?]
Retirement Contribution =    $
  Assumed Rates Inputs    
Used to calculate future
expenses and increases
in the National Average
Wage Index. We have
assumed a conservative 2.5%.
Assumed Inflation =
Salary and Retirement
Contributions Growth Rate

Assumed Salary Growth =
Assumed Personal Savings Annual Growth Rate.
Personal Savings Growth =
Assumed Retirement Savings Annual Growth Rate. [?]
Retirement Savings Growth =
Social Security Cost of
Living Adjustment. Historically
this has been approximately
2.5% annualy, but has been
trending downward.
Social Security COLA =
  Current Income Tax =
Income Tax Rate in Retirement.
Retirement Income Tax =
  Capital Gains Tax =
The percent of your current living expenses after you retire. [?]
Retirement Expenses =
The Additional Pension income is the amount that you will receive annually.
Additional Pension Income =    $
Age Additional Pension Starts.
Age Pension Starts =
  Additional Pension COLA =
  Charts of Projected Accounts (select any element to remove or add to the chart)            
          Results   (Value in today's dollars)        
Your projected account balance is the projected total of your personal savings account and retirement account combined at retirement. [?]
  Age at Which Savings Run Out:
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