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Our Team

Visit our profiles page to learn more about the great group of individuals that make up our team. Our actuaries average 19 years of experience and our consultants average 21 years of experience. We each bring a distinct area of expertise to the table and together we have a deep knowledge base. We have strong relationships with our clients, some of which we have worked with for 20 years.

Our Story

Paul Engstrom, along with a dedicated group of consulting professionals, founded Independent Actuaries, Inc. (IAI) in 1994 as a company that mirrored their values and beliefs. While Paul had high expectations of his employees, he also trusted them and believed in them.

Under different employee ownership today, IAI has continued to grow and flourish, but we’ve held on to many of those original values and beliefs. At IAI, our consulting practice isn’t overseen by a nameless, faceless management group. Instead, consultants collaborate freely with one another and are given the autonomy to service their clients as they see fit. After all, no one knows your business and retirement needs better than the consultant who works with you day-to-day.

Our Vision

We are a group of talented people working together in a supportive community. Our vision is to build and foster trust with advisors and their clients by providing creative solutions to complex retirement and actuarial problems, responsive service, and accurate, reliable results.

We take great pride in a job well done and in the greatness of our company. We know we are unsurpassed at what we do. Individually, we are talented. Together, we are simply the best there is. Our vision is not simply words, but supported by our people and the service they provide each and every day.

Our Customer Service

We offer national firm caliber actuarial services with a local service approach. You will work directly with the consultant who works on your plan or project. This provides for the simplest and most direct communication of questions, results, and timeliness. Our success relies on our ongoing commitment to exceeding your expectations.

Our technical expertise is provided by twelve actuaries and consultants who offer incomparable customer service in a cooperative, organized process. Our consultants have a passion for their work which manifests in the quality of work they provide and the high level of service our clients receive.

You can also learn more about Our Team, Careers, and our Corporate Social Responsibility.