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Client Forms

Data Request Forms

  • We need compliance information for each plan that we administer and/or include in non-discrimination testing.

    Information Checklist (PDF)

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  • If this is the first year of the plan or you need more room than is provided on the Information Checklist to indicate changes to information previously provided, then please also complete the Plan Questionnaire.

    Plan Questionnaire (PDF)

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  • The administrative report we prepare and the 5500 forms require that we not only know the balance of plan assets, but also have sufficient information to reconcile the change in value during the year. In order to do so, an accounting of the trust must be performed. This may be done by you or the plan trustee, your accountant, or by us.

    Asset Information Packet (PDF)

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  • If your plan contains insurance products, we will need additional information to complete the administration. The Insurance Information PDF includes a detailed list of the information we will need on the policies.

    Insurance Information (PDF)

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  • If you would like IAI to prepare the Form(s) 1099-R for your plan(s) for distribution(s) made during the year, please download and complete one of these forms for easy electronic completion of this request.

    1099-R Worksheet (Excel Worksheet)

    1099-R Worksheet (PDF)

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