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Compliance and reporting requirements for tax-qualified retirement plans becomes more complex each year. We help plan sponsors navigate these complicated requirements by offering administrative services for all types of defined benefit and defined contribution plans.

Annual administrative services include:

  • Calculation of minimum and maximum deductible contributions
  • Allocation of employer contributions (including cross-tested and age-weighted allocations), forfeitures, and investment earnings for defined contribution plans
  • Maintenance of computer records that reflect the cumulative status of each participant in the plan
  • Calculation of each participant’s benefit or defined contribution plan balance
  • Annual or quarterly participant benefit statements
  • Trust accounting support
  • Preparation of Form 5500 (and related schedules) and annual or quarterly participant notices

We work with defined contribution plans that offer individual participant trust accounts, as well as pooled accounts.

We do not provide investment or legal advice. However, we have a well-earned reputation for working closely with our clients’ other professional service providers.

Contact us today to explore the possibility of having Independent Actuaries, Inc. administer your retirement plan.

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