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Introducing Jeffry Lamb, Enrolled Actuary!

IAI is proud to announce our newest Enrolled Actuary, Jeffry Lamb!  Jeffry has been with IAI since 2008.  During Jeffry’s tenure he has been working toward both the ASA (Associate of the Society of Actuaries) and EA (issued by the Internal … Continue reading

Crossing Cultures – My Trip to India

A month without all the comforts of home certainly changed my perspective on all the privileges that I enjoy living in the United States. One of the biggest advantages that we have are our many career opportunities, as compared to the … Continue reading

∆ Desks → Morale ↑ → Productivity ↑

Although it seems inconclusive as to whether working at a standing desk has a net benefit to one’s health, you can now add Independent Actuaries to the list of employee friendly and trend savvy companies that has tried and loves … Continue reading

Save My 401(k)!

If you’ve listened to radio or watched TV in the last few months, you’ve heard the term “fiscal cliff” bandied about. The fiscal cliff the politicians and pundits are describing is the expiration of a number of tax cuts at the … Continue reading

Can the IRS Tell You When You Can Reasonably Retire?

Must a qualified retirement plan REALLY provide a normal retirement age that is not less than 62, unless it is “reasonably representative of the typical age for the industry in which the covered workforce is employed”?  IRS Regulation 1.401(a)-1(b)(2), effective … Continue reading

New Retirement Plan Limits for 2012

It’s hard to believe we’re in 2012 already! With the New Year, there are new retirement plan limits you should know about. Deferrals (401(k) salary deferrals) and catch-up deferral contributions are always limited on a calendar year basis. For 2012, … Continue reading

The Value of a Defined Benefit Pension Plan Rediscovered

One of the great financial scams of the last thirty years has been the replacement of traditional (Defined Benefit) pension plans with 401(k) plans. Somehow, the financial industry and a whole host of businesses have been able to convince their … Continue reading

Defined Benefit Plans – Helping Employees Retire

A recent University of Missouri study found that, among other things, pre-retirees with only a defined benefit plan are almost twice as likely to retire in any given year when compared to those with only a defined contribution (401(k)-type) plan. … Continue reading