Independent Actuaries Blog Author: Jeffry Lamb

FaceApp and Retirement Planning

I rarely use social media, but my wife recently showed me a picture from FaceApp of what we would like in 30 years. I imagine most people either have the App or have had a similar experience. It always makes … Continue reading

Sports Betting and Actuaries

On May 14th the Supreme Court voted 6-3 to strike down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which barred state-authorized sports betting (with the notable exception of Nevada). As a professional Actuary, and an enormous sports fan, I found … Continue reading

It’s Bracket Time! How Did You Fill Yours Out?

Have you filled out your NCAA bracket yet? If so, how did you choose your winners? Did you go through each bracket game by game? Did you have a few brackets, each with a different winner? Did you make your … Continue reading

Access Social Security Statements Online

Did you know you can view your Social Security Statement online? In the past, the Social Security Administration (SSA) sent annual paper statements to update participants on their earnings record and estimated benefits. However, in an effort to reduce costs, … Continue reading

What OJ Simpson Can Teach You About Retirement Security

Last week ESPN posted an article that “OJ Simpson may have made more than $600K while incarcerated.” Initially, I was amazed to think he was still receiving endorsement money. But when I clicked on the article, I discovered the money … Continue reading

IRS Updates its 401(k) Plan Fix-It Guide

The IRS has updated its 401(k) Plan Fix-It Guide. You can find the Guide at While the Guide’s 52 pages can seem intimidating, the first three pages contain a chart of the most common errors in plan operation. Review … Continue reading

10,000 Hours

In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell presents the idea of “10,000 hours”, a theory which states that approximately 10,000 hours of experience are needed to become an expert in one’s field. Having recently completed approximately 10,000 hours as a Pension … Continue reading

Retirement Inspiration From Your Future Self

According to a Stanford University Study, individuals increased their retirement plan contributions by 30% when presented with projected future images (pictorial renderings) of themselves.  Online technology is available for free at, where you can project your future image. When … Continue reading

Why Did the NFL Need Replacement Refs?

We can all relax now, the replacement officials are gone, and the NFL referees have returned. The NFL and its officials have come to an agreement.  One of the main discussion points of the lockout was something we at Independent … Continue reading

Living Longer in the Trenches

The season is changing, the days are shorter, the weather cooler and school begins. But these changes are welcome by the majority of Americans, because it is time for their favorite sport to watch: football. There has been much discussion … Continue reading