FaceApp and Retirement Planning

I rarely use social media, but my wife recently showed me a picture from FaceApp of what we would like in 30 years. I imagine most people either have the App or have had a similar experience. It always makes me wonder how they react.

If you scrolled through enough of our old blog posts, you could find this one from 2013. It was very enjoyable to read my answer and compare to today. While technology has changed in the past 6 years, my feelings did not. Everything was the same, except with I had a bigger, and very GREY, beard on FaceAPP. I will probably have my wife use another photo now that I have shaved.

This time, I only thought of my retirement security because of my previous blog. FaceApp seems more fun, mainly because my smile didn’t become a frown, as noted in the first blog. It also makes me wonder if that has a direct link to how people feel about retirement, or any other emotions. It’s a complex question, but I am very curious how others would answer it.

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